Adelaide Hills Art and Culture

See art in the Adelaide Hills

Adelaide Hills’ art is inspired by nature’s finest colours. A human touch has been gently applied over 170 years. The Hills’ best known artist is landscape painter, Sir Hans Heysen. 

The Cedars, Adelaide Hills, South Australia

After migrating from Germany, Heysen moved to Hahndorf in 1908. Four years later, he built The Cedars, the studio he called home until he passed away in 1968. Located on a 60-hectare property, Heysen’s studio is open for tours. 

Galleries and art history

See Heysen’s painting tools and sketches. Take a leisurely walk around the garden. His timeless images are inspiring. Hahndorf is now a regional art centre, largely due to Heysen’s influence. Galleries are dotted around the beautiful old German town.

The Hahndorf Academy reflects the Adelaide Hills’ passion for art. Visit the 170 year-old building to see exhibitions, galleries, studios and museums. There are art classes, if you’re really keen.

Enjoy one of Australia’s best traditional and contemporary Aboriginal art collections at Ancient Earth Art Gallery in Hahndorf. . Grab a rare chance to see dances of the region’s Permangk people.

See tribal art and international art at Aptos Cruz Galleries in Stirling.

Birdwood’s National Motor Museum hosts exhibitions dedicated to our passion for the car.

It’s quite simple really. In the Adelaide Hills, art reflects life. 

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